FAQs – Our Video Production Service

NOTE: New web platform is now ready for use, click here to begin your 1st project today.

Is the service really free to try?

Yes, signing up for an account is 100% FREE, no credit card required. You can create projects, submit for production and get a sense of what our platform has to offer. You will see a professionally produced draft of your video prior to paying. At the end of the day if you don’t like the end product, you pay nothing. If you like it, you pay for the final version.

Will I be charged for the video if I’m not happy with it?

No, we guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our video. You will have two days to review your draft and invoice. If not satisfied, we hope you will let us make it right and communicate your needed changes. However, you can also simply not have us finalize the video and the draft link will be removed.

How do I pay for my video?

Once we have completed your draft, we will send you a link to review that has “draft” notations watermarked through the video. At the same time, we will send you an invoice. You will have approximately 2 days to review your video and pay the invoice. Depending on your level of package, you may request some edits to your video; those edits would be completed after your payment has been made.

Once payment is received we will finalize your video by removing the “draft” notations watermarked through the video. We will upload the final video and provide you with a shareable link. Depending on your level of package, we may also send you a digital file to download.

How does the web platform and process work?

Our mission is to create the most efficient platform for youth athletes and families transforming their own footage into quality produced highlight, skills, and recruitment videos that can be shared now and for years into the future.

You send us your clips and we do the rest. Through your personal online dashboard, you upload your clips and provide the basic information for your video. You can upload it all at once or over time, throughout a season. Once you’re ready to finalize your video production, you submit your project and our production begins. We will produce your clips into a professional grade highlight video and allow you to review the draft. Once you see the draft you pay your invoice and provide any revisions needed and then we will finalize the video.

Can I add additional video clips to my package?

Yes. To do this, you must choose the “Custom” package and in the comments and description let us know how many total clips you’d like. Additional clips are $15/each. If you’ve already started your project, but still would like to add, just complete the process and in the communications message board mention to us you’d like to add a certain number of clips and then email those clips to numbersdontliebiz@gmail.com and put your email address and project name in the subject line.

Do you provide video recording services as well?
Limited only to the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we do have the capabilities to provide video recording services. Fees are as follow:

Games: $150/per game (files to be transferred and/or used with purchase of additional video editing package)

Practices and/or training sessions: $150, maximum 2 hours (files to be transferred and/or used with purchase of additional video editing package)

Skills Video: $150 + purchase of Premium Video Package ($249) = total $399.00

What is the best way to get my video clips to you?

We’ve designed an effecient platform where you can upload, organize, and provide information on your video project all in your own personal dashboard on our website. All you need to do is sign-up for an account, no credit card is required to sign-up.

If for some reason the web customer platform will not work for your project we have many alternatives including email, file transfer and file share services, and more. Finally, if need be, we can obtain the files from you via basic postal service with you sending us a flashdrive of your files. If this last alternative is the process of choice, it is essential that you backup your files onto your computer or a secondary drive in case the postal service loses the package.

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